Un fotógrafo vive aventuras con sus figuras de Star Wars

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Publicado el 18 de diciembre del 2015

Marshall Crook es un productor de video durante el día. De noche documenta la vida privada de sus miniaturas de personajes de Star Wars en su cuenta de Instagram.

Sí, hay numerosos usuarios que pueden hacer lo mismo, pero lo que diferencia Crook del resto es que acompaña cada instantánea con una historia especial sobre la vida del pequeño juguete.

Crook escribió a Mashable que su juguetes mantienen la identidad de la saga de ciencia ficción, y que trata de darles una historia “lo más mundana que sea posible”.

Lo interesante es que podemos imaginar que conocemos la vida escondida de cada uno de los personajes sin los acontecimientos de la cinta o una fuerza oscura acechando.


Encuentra todas las imágenes aquí.

That morning it was overcast and cold with rain on the way. Chewbacca had perfect fur for the dry freeze of an environment like Hoth, but it did little to insulate him from the damp Northeast cold of early-winter New York. The thick padding of his feet fared the worst. The fringe of full lace wigs around his pads retained moisture, which eventually seeped into his skin. For the 200-year-old Wookie, trudging through the city on a cold wet day was like wading through a pool of razor blades. Even though he knew traffic getting into the city would be horrible, on days like this Chewie typically used alternative means of transportation. And so Chewbacca stood there on his small fire escape taking in the drab, gray morning. He then sipped his Earl Grey tea and quietly swore a life debt to his AT-ST. Two days to go… #starwarsshorts #starwars #theforceawakens

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This is what Stormtrooper #052577 believed: In the service of the Empire, no assignment was too small and no soldier was insignificant. The galaxy thrived only when each member of the Imperial corps – from admiral to engineer – performed his duties with efficiency and enthusiasm. For Stormtrooper #052577, this was a sacred dictum, a creed he carried from the Core Worlds to the Outer Rim. And yet he struggled a bit with his latest commission to guard a life-sized gingerbread house near Rockefeller Center in NYC. The Stormtrooper didn’t mind the lack of combat, the endless flow of holiday tourists, or the incessant pop songs sung by Salvation Army collectors. He just wished the street display had not been built using real food. Part of his morning routine was to spruce up the exhibit, which really meant he spent ten minutes swatting at rats and roaches with an old plastic broom. After just one week, and for the first time in his career, Stormtrooper #052577 found himself questioning the strategic wisdom of the Imperial military. Three days to go… #starwarsshorts #starwars #theforceawakens #rockefellercenter

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An Ewok holiday excursion. Five days to go… #starwarsshorts #starwars #theforceawakens #rockefellertree

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Boba Fett’s holiday shopping was lightyears from completion. It was as if every store he entered sold some amalgamation of the same locally hand-crafted jewelry, retro kitchen tchotchkes, and “Brooklyn” emblazoned tote bags. And he shook in his armor at the thought seeing yet another spiral stemmed peach-scented candle on sale for $60. However, Boba Fett knew himself well enough to reason that these were passing feelings. His right ankle was killing him after a full day of shopping, but Boba chose to carve out thirty minutes that evening to head out after dark and take in the neighborhood lights. To his own surprise, the more opulent or garish the display the happier – and less anxious – he became. And this was why the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy found himself trapped before a tiny row house near the Gowanus Canal, hypnotized by a glowing snowman slowly spinning in a giant plastic snow globe. Six days to go… #starwarsshorts #starwars #theforceawakens

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